4 crucial steps businesses can take to protect against fire

4 crucial steps businesses can take to protect against fire

We all know how devastating an outbreak of fire could be at our business, but could never imagine it would actually happen.  Everything is possible and there are certain steps you can put in place to protect your business should this ever happen.

1. Understand

As a business owner or employee there is a legal responsibility to carry out a fire risk assessment. This should involve:

  • Identifying the hazards
  • Identifying the people at risk
  • Assessing the level of risk
  • Identifying existing controls
  • Identifying additional controls needed
  • Recording and continuously reviewing and updating of the assessment 

2. Prevent

A fire cannot be completely prevented, however there are various actions we can take to minimise the risk of a fire breaking out:

  • Keep areas free of clutter like paper that could easily catch fire or prevent access to exits and emergency equipment
  • Ensure electrical appliances are switched off and that plugs are removed before leaving the building
  • Ensure electrical appliances are safe to use by carrying out regular PAT tests
  • Replace frayed power cords and ensure cord protectors are used
  • Don’t block exits or fire doors with boxes – ensure these are kept clear at all times
  • Store hazardous materials safely and make sure these are clearly marked

3. Prepare

There is nothing like good preparation always. Implementing initial and refresher fire training ensures that your employees are prepared in the event of a fire and know what actions to take so that safety remains a top priority in your business.

Also, if you do frequent drills and review procedures this means employees will familiarise themselves with the fire safety equipment and feel confident when using it.

4. Tackle

Reliable fire alarms are extremely important in alerting employees of danger and therefore saving lives. The alarms should be located in the correct places and the right type depending on the building.

Additionally, fire extinguishers should be in place, ready to tackle a blaze. These should be placed in the correct areas such as corridors, stairways, and landings, so they are highly visible to those following an escape route.

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